[News] Bomi farted in front of Inifinite’s Woo Hyun?

Yoon BoMi who is a member of girl group APink recently appeared on the February 21st broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart and revealed that she once farted in front of Inifinite’s Woo Hyun.

Bomi stated “When I get anxious I sometimes fart without even knowing it,” she continued “I accidentaly farted in front of Infinite’s Woo Hyun. It is so embarrassing so I pretended that I was asleep. I wonder if he actually heard when I did it.”

Bomi feels so ashamed for what happened and it is Infinite's Woo Hyun. Maybe Woo Hyun didn't heard what Bomi did so he didn't react or maybe he just pretended that he didn't so it will not give Bomi so much embarrassment.

Photo credit: SBS

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net