[news] Big Bang flocked by New York Paparazzi's and had to tighten security!

Big Bang proves that they are a Global idol. Recently, Big Bang flew to New York to film new music video's for "blue" and "Bad boy" and during the filming of the music video's, New York Paparazzi's swarmed the location causing quite a commotion at the set.

Due to the Paparazzi's, Big Bang's side had to tighten their security to control the paparazzi's and also the crowd. Eventually they placed Security guards all over the vicinity to ensure the safety of everyone.

It seems that not only the Korean media got hold of Big Bang flying to New York to film a music video but also foreign media's and they have huge interested on Big Bang and what they are up to on their new album.Meanwhile, Big Bang will be releasing their 5th mini album "Alive" on the 29th of February and reveal the song "Blue" on the 22nd of February.