[News] Andy cried when Teen Top won 1st place!

Idol group TEEN TOP made SHINHWA’s Andy shed tears.

As the creator and producer of TEEN TOP, after they had won 1st place on the 3rd at KBS ‘Music Bank’ and on the 5th at SBS ‘Inkigayo’, Andy was really touched and had shed tears.

In a recent interview with OSEN, TEEN TOP said “It’s our first 1st place since our debut a year and a half ago. Andy hyung said at the after party “This is only the beginning”. After that we heard that he had cried while watching the broadcast”

Niel shared "We have been practising really hard so we were really happy to win 1st place. When they announced the 1st place we were in shock, but to think about it when we first received the song ‘Crazy’ we thought that it will be a winning song because it’s originally good”

Belonging to the club music genre and produced by the Brave Brothers, ‘Crazy’ showcased TEEN TOP’s transformation filled with overflowing masculinity, which has become a really hot topic.

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