[news] After School's Joo Yeon is a certified ulzzang

After School member Joo Yeon shows off her luxurious beauty and is a certified ulzzang! On the 23rd of February, she updated her twitter account saying "I miss you!" and shared a selca.

On her selca she can be seen giving a warm smile as well as wearing casual clothes. She boasts perfect facial features with her V-line face, round eyes and hairstyle. Netizens are simply captivated by her beauty and commented, "She is certainly an ulzzang", "She is really beautiful", "Her bangs suit her well".

Recently, stars are being given the "Ulzzang Syndrome", stars like Goo Hye Sun and Park Han Byul have been given the ultimate ulzzang title. Meanwhile, After School will be having their first concert tour this coming April in Japan.