[News] After School Uee Made NU'EST Baekho's Stage Name

After School’s Uee has revealed that she was the one who gave NU’EST’s member Baekho’s stage name!

On February 9th, Uee updated her me2day account saying, "It’s been a while since i went to the rehearsal room, I took a shot with Baekho! Well Everyone! What do you think of Baekho’s name? You know, actually I'm the one who made Baekho’s name. You didn’t know it, right? Please support NU'EST~ Support UEE too!" and uploaded the photo above.

Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment new group NU'EST (formerly know as Pledis Boys) will be taking their fans to a Valentine's date. To thank their fans for their support even before the group's debut, NU'EST will be asking each of their fans on a date through a special event at a movie theater.