[Message] Sooyoung's Thank You Message (Official Website)!

Sooyoung left a message on the Girls' Generation official website board for her birthday!

Rear her message below.

SONE! Hellohellohello ^ㅡ^

How have you been?! Sooyoung is in Paris... hehe
The original flight schedule was that we would be on the plane on the 9th and arrive in Thailand at night on the 10th..
But plans changed so I ended up staying "on land" for my birthday hehe, I almost spent my birthday in the air hoho
When I was young, I was always excited whenever my birthday was approaching and my wish was to have a birthday party at a fast food restaurant,
But I never knew that I would one day grow up and be congratulated from so many people all over the world.. ㅠ
My heart was only filled with thankfulness while I was being congratulated yesterday and today by all the fans..
Yesterday, the members and I ate good food and had an enjoyable party!^^
I think it was even more joyous because I was able to spend the day with my dear friends while also receiving love from so many people ^ㅡ^

This is something that I feel every year on my birthday, but I feel like I'm receiving more love than I should
So as I get older, I always promise [myself] that I would become a person worthy of the amount of love I receive..
All of you give up your precious time and love for me,
But I wonder if I deserve all of that..

But!! I know those things aren't very important hehe
I can just receive all of your pure and ferverent love and return the same favour, also with a pure heart
There's no time to think about whether I'm entitled or not : )
I will simply just do the best that I can in the place that I am in in order to repay you ; )
I will try hard to become a person that wont disappoint you, a person that is suited to receive all this love that I'm receiving! ^^
The reason that I can feel all this and find a reason to become more adult-like is, again, all of you..
Thank you so much, hehe. I feel like it's as if... we're all on a train together, headed toward a destination point called adulthood! hehe
What I mean to say is, thank you for being with me during this process.. hehe
There are so many people that are watching over me during my growth proccess, as if a family would... so I now have a sense of responsibility!!

By now, your hands and feet are probably curled up so much that you can't even post replies to this message.. keke
But this is something that we must never forget! Competent SONEs will come out and post translations, right?

Since the Soshi Express that all of you are boarded on is now touring the earth,
there are many customers of various races/ethnicities aboard. hehe
So the announcements onboard will also have to be globally[multiculturally] made! hahaha
This train is weird, asking the passengers for translations, isn't it? keke
But... if you just stay with your bums seated, you'll arrive at the destination safely..........
And you'll be able to watch performances like no other in this world!! And see a great, touching epic that will be sure to have you in tears!!
You'll be able to watch this epic that is a drama of the girls' growth processes... Hahahahahaha

The next stop will be on March 9th at Taeyeon Station.
There is no door to exit. 'ㅡ’

Translation: taengbear@soshified.com
Source: girlsgeneration.smtown.com