[me2day] Baekho Shares a Group Photo of Nu’Est!

Baekho shared a group photo of Nu'Est on me2day.

On the 18th, a new photo was shared by none other than Baekho and he wrote "2nd Meeting with Our fans! Hu..We’re now on the way to Busan for the 3rd meeting! Ah..farㅎ Thank you to Gwangju fans for todayㅎLike what JR said, we’ll give you popcorn next timeㅋㅋ i love you hyung~ i love you too noona~ And you! I love you^^" as the caption of the group photo of Nu'Est that he shared.

Seems the boys are enjoying their moment with fans. They look really happy by just seeing fans during fan meeting. The 2nd fan meeting of Nu'Est was over and they were heading to Busan for the 3rd fan meeting. Even though it is tiring to go to the other location time to time, Nu'Est is happy to be able to meet their fans. 

Baekho also said that they will give the fans a pop corn next time so wait for that popcorn from Nu'Est. 

Trans: thenuest
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net