[MAGZ] Teen Top Interview on Vogue Girl March Issue

Part 1 translated by bosung@tumblr


V.G.: How’s the photoshoot? C.A.P and Ricky, I heard it was the first time you shot together. The staff were satisfied because it seemed like you wouldn’t match but actually matched well.
C.A.P: We were facing each other and we couldn’t stop laughing, so we got in trouble.
Ricky: C.A.P likes me too much.
(V.G.: Chunji and Niel didn’t look so close and friendly when they were shooting…)
Niel: We were kind of like that, right? Chunji, I’m sorry. I won’t hit you anymore.
Chunji: We’re awkward when shooting, but we’re close on a daily basis. All 6 of us are close.

V.G.: It’s your first meeting with Vogue Girl. Why do you each tell us about each of your personalities?
Changjo: Ricky is cute, but he actually has a manly side to him. He’s someone who can show you many different sides, he is a very well-rounded kid. This friend will become big.
Ricky: Th-thank you (high five). You’ll become big too, Changjo! Changjo is really great at dancing. There are still some people who don’t know that. If you really watch him, you’ll all fall for him.
Changjo: Niel just talks and talks, that’s his charm. And not to mention his plump lips and bright eyes.
Niel: L.Joe is someone you’ll fall for more and more each time you see him. He only has one expression…(C.A.P, Chunji, Ricky, Changjo: They’re all the same!) He’s very mysterious and he draws people to him.
L.Joe: Chunji is pretty, but his shoulders are manly. Just the width of his shoulders is 60cm (laughter)? Maybe because he’s Type B, but he is very manly and he knows exactly what girls like. That’s why he’s very popular among the fans. And his smiling face when he sings…Ah, pretty. (Everyone: Oh my god!) He’s really pretty. You guys don’t think he’s pretty?
Chunji: C.A.P leads us very well. When we’re practicing and an argument seems to be brewing, he appears out of nowhere and stops it. When we say we’re hungry, he gets us food. But the best thing is, his low voice. When he catches a cold, his voice gets even lower.

V.G.: You’re in the middle of promoting Brave Brothers’ “Crazy.” What is this song’s one point?
Niel: With our song and choreography, everything is a point. There is really nothing you can leave out. But if you really wanted to pick one point, I think the “Self-Camera Dance” is the one thing in the choreography. It’s the part in the chorus where we roll our hips and then make a ‘V’ sign.

V.G.: It’s a dance song, but the lyrics are sorrowful. You wouldn’t have had many experiences with relationships, so was it hard to express your feelings?
Changjo: These weren’t lyrics that were hard to understand.
Chunji: We thought of emotions we felt through indirect experiences such as movies, dramas, books, etc.
L.Joe: Hm hm we really like reading.
Ricky: It’s true, we fight over books.
V.G.: Sure. I don’t believe you. What book did you fight over?
Ricky: Uh, uh…Talmud?
Everyone: Puahahaha

V.G.: Now that I think about it, Chunji was on “Hidden Track Romance” where he dated a girl.
Chunji: Mm, it was different from what I expected. Since we weren’t dating because we actually liked each other and because it was for broadcast, it was uncomfortable. I feel sorry towards that girl and even sorrier towards the fans.

V.G.: In your new mini, there is a song called “TEEN TOP” and one of its lyrics says, “Don’t expect the same thing/ Don’t compare us/ Who’d be higher than us?/ We’re the best, so what?” What’s one thing that you believe that you guys are better at than everyone else?
Changjo: Our pose and overflowing charisma on stage. We’re very playful in our daily lives, but on stage, we’re the predators.
Ricky: Roar!
V.G.: Where does that image come from? Is it from your self-confidence?
Niel: On stage, the thought of “I am the best.” On stage, we’re the best!

V.G.: “Choreo-dol, Handcuff-dol, Defiance-dol, Younger men-dol, Trend-dol, Vacation-dol, Growth spurt-dol,” you guys have a lot of nicknames. Of them all, which one do you like the best?
L.Joe: Definitely “Choreo-dol” and the phrase “Knife-like Choreography”
V.G.: All 6 of you really match movements well. I heard that you guys practiced for 9-12 hours a day during your trainee days to perfect your knife-like choreography. What about now?
Niel: Since we’re in the middle of promotions, about 1-2 hours a day?
Changjo: We also do individual practice for 2-3 hours.

Part 2 translated by bosung@tumblr


V.G.: The nickname “Growth Spurt-dol” is probably influenced by Changjo and Ricky, the maknaes who are changing every day. I heard that Changjo especially grew a lot?
Changjo: I grew more than 10cm in just a year. I was the third tallest before, but now… Hi, my name is Changjo and I am in charge of height! I’m 179cm now. I’m growing every day.
V.G.: You’ve lost a lot of baby fat, too.
Changjo: People tell me that my “more charming by the day” point is my steamed bun-like cheeks, but actually, it’s a complex of mine. Even though the fans like it, I’m going to lose it no matter what. That’s why I am not eating midnight snacks these days.

V.G.: Ricky’s impression has gotten stronger, and he’s becoming more of a man day by day. I think the expiration date for your nickname “Lovely Boy” is approaching.
Ricky: This nickname is get more and more embarrassing so I’m not introducing myself as this nowadays. But still, I think cuteness matches me well. Thankfully, the fans still see me as cute.

V.G.: C.A.P is only in his twenties, but he is the oldest in the team. And he’s the leader, too.
C.A.P: Watching the members grow up is fun. The youngest members debuted in 9th grade and now they are 11th graders, so it’s a time when they’re changing the most. Next year will be different, and the year after will be different. Although I am the leader, I don’t particularly see myself as one. I am not the final decision maker. For important decisions, we all talk it over together and for unimportant ones, we settle it through Rock-Paper-Scissors. This is a fair democracy.
V.G.: I just got a tip-off saying that it was not a fair democracy. There were some members who raised doubt that Rock-Paper-Scissors was a very transparent process.
C.A.P: Ah, of course. It ends when someone leaves the room for a moment, no, when someone just turns around. Can I say we “conspire”? But I am the one who gets conspired against the most.
Changjo: When C.A.P, or any of the members, leave the room, we huddle together immediately and say “We’ll do this and this.” I wish for this to stop. We all know who it is.
V.G.: Ahah, the youngest one is gritting his teeth.
Changjo: One day, the youngest ones will rise to the top.
V.G.: As time goes on, there have been older groups in which the youngest ones have shone brightly. Changjo, your expression suddenly got brighter?
Changjo: Yeah (grins) I will get revenge.

V.G.: People say Niel has a “Word-Dumb”/”Speech Fool” virus? You sing well, have experience in acting, and was a gold medalist at the “Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships” so I thought you were almighty. But a Speech Fool…
Niel: When I’m on broadcast, with girls or other idols, I get really nervous. I don’t know why. All of a sudden, I get really tongue-tied and I can’t think of words that I already knew beforehand. Actually, Ricky is worse than I am.
Ricky: It’s a concept. Concept.
V.G.: But you guys are with me, and you guys talk very well.
Niel: B-because it’s not a broadcast and it’s c-comfortable (laughter).

V.G.: After debut, Teen Top has had its fair share of hardships. Car crashes, sound issues, swear word controversy, and recently C.A.P’s gender discrimination controversy.
C.A.P: I have to be careful. I am showing more prudence with what I say. I’ve used this opportunity to learn and I felt that I still have not matured. I’ve disappointed a lot of fans. I was upset with myself, too. I feel the most remorse towards the members. Because of my mistake…
Niel: I think we were able to use this opportunity to grow.
L.Joe: We know what to do and what not to do; we’ve become more mature.

V.G.: What’s the most exciting thing about this promotion?
Ricky: The anticipation of “Can we get 1st place?” Before, we just ran with the finish line in sight, now we’ve actually become 1st place contenders.

V.G.: Do you think you can get 1st place?
Niel: Yes, we can! (V.G.: Oh, you’re very confident?) We have to believe in ourselves. Only believers can make their dreams come true! We were on the radio program “Date at 2PM” and Ju Younghoon sunbae-nim made a prediction. He told us that if not this week, then next week, we will be able to get 1st place. We will trust ourselves and Ju Younghoon (laughter).