[Interview] T.O.P's Interview on Naver Music!

Interviewer: Many fans have been looking forward to hear from you. How have you been? 
TOP: These days, I’m trying to concentrate on this album, ALIVE. Actually, there was a drama that I was working for 3 months but I cancelled it so I can focus on this album.

Interviewer: What does BIGBANG mean to you? 
TOP: When I have my kids, I want to show them my twenties. For me, it is a keepsake of my hottest youth.

Interviewer: What is the common thing about BIGBANG members? How can you guys be doing fine? 
TOP: In spite of having our own passion, we are so warm-hearted. Everyone is truthful, pure, passionate, and energetic and always go for the same path. How could we do well as a team, it’s because each has different characters and dispositions but we don’t go against each other. When I see them as an older brother, they always lean against each other. They seem to be a real family, including me.

Interviewer: What do you think of this album? 
TOP: I’m dearly attached to this album. I had so many inspirations when I worked as GD&TOP. I wrote lyrics having much attachment/affection. This album shows our honest feelings. I really want to show you as soon as possible, without embellishment.

Interviewer: What is ALIVE? 
TOP: Alive is what it is. People think that last year was eventful and critical for us. However, we see it as an opportunity for us to grow up and eventually mature.

Interviewer: Tell me about BLUE. 
TOP: BLUE means a very sad thing. Like winter is over and spring is coming, we broke up and meet someone new like destiny. This song talks about these emotions.

Interviewer: What is the most account part in this album? 
TOP: Not to be too modern, too technical like a hardwood. Anyone can be modern, technical at anytime. I think it needs huge courage to be natural. All members are picking up the pieces. We always think what people want for us.

Translated by lucywinslet@tmblr//via @Forever_GDragon