[Interview] Jo Twins On fans x fans Magazine!

Q: Donghyun say that you guys had football matches with foreign students near the dorm, who usually win? Which position you twins are at?
A: Youngmin – it depends, sometimes we will win! Usually me and Minwoo are goalkeepers (smiles), because it’s not tiring to be one, just have to look at people running around.
Kwangmin- I don’t like to have a body contact with people, so I also like to be the goalkeeper. (Smiles)

Q: Other than uniform endorsement, is there any products you want to endorse?
A: Youngmin – Food stuff should be quite good/not bad~
Kwangmin – Actually there is no restrictions for any products. As long as someone wants us to endorse, I think I can try!

Q: Twins’s biggest difference?
A: Kwangmin – that should be personality! Youngmin is very active, but my personality is more quiet~

Q: In the house other than you twins, I heard that there is a younger brother, talk about the difference between both of you (YM & KM) and this younger brother?
A: Youngmin – He’s still young! Because I am the older brother, so i feel like taking care of him, his personality is more like Kwangmin’s, a bit of 4D personality!

Q: Other than being handsome in the uniforms, nowadays, Kwangmin’s airport fashion also received attention, any thoughts for this?
A: Kwangmin – Haha, many thanks to a lot of people who liked my style. every time, in order to have a better look in front of people, I’m really focusing on doing a lot effort! Nowadays I like Black series clothes, I think that black match-up is not bad, I also pay special attention to the hat that I am wearing it with.

Q: Members thinks that Youngmin’s personality is slow, ever thought of changing this habit?
A: Youngmin – Actually I personally didn’t notice this point. but after thinking about it seriously, I think I should, slow personality seems to create some problem.

[Translated by: @youngminnn]

[Edited by: @yeolcheek]

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