[Interview] 10asia: Kim Junsu│“Want to make a World Cup for Celebrities around the world” – Part 3!

On Feb. 3, a photograph was uploaded on JYJ’s Facebook page. Although Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun were all looking at different places, it looked like they were more comfortable with each other than at any other time. Each of them wishes that they will all recognise each other’s abilities and support each other’s activities. They worry about improving the synergy among themselves and they believe that a stronger friendship will be built if they were to experience a difficult time together. In an industry that is still hard for people to survive, we can feel JYJ’s simple freedom, happiness and uneasiness. Lastly, we listened to a gospel by “Mr Positive Kim”.
10. What is the synergy you get from being a singer and doing musical activities?
Kim Junsu: My thoughts on singing have slightly changed. “Fallen Leaves” was produced right after the conclusion of “Mozart”, so the musical had a lot of influence the song. Before acting in musicals, I felt like like a weak bird that could not do anything. However, thanks to those who still come and support me, I have gained confidence even in concerts. I was particularly shocked by the system of musical rehearsals, but I think it may be integrated into JYJ’s concerts.
“If I were alone, I would have given up.”

10. I did not expect you to take about the system of musical rehearsals.
Kim Junsu: Of course, we did rehearse before, but we only took around five days to rehearse for the concerts in South Korea. Actually, it will take approximately a month if we keep messing up. However, five days was enough for us since all of us have good concentration. (Laughs) However, rehearsals for concerts in Japan will really take a month, as we need to do everything one thing at a time like the fixing of the concert hall and the lighting. The music industry in South Korea is not like that. There will be such rehearsals in the musical industry. As compared to the music industry, the musical industry is way smaller than that. So, I was surprised by the kind of rehearsal system in the industry. Musical is a genre surely requires such a rehearsal system.
10. As compared to other groups, do JYJ’s concerts tend to require such rehearsals?
Kim Junsu: Even though we have gone through such rehearsals before, all of us place great importance on preparations. We made decisions one by one starting from music and costumes to the stage concept.
10. There is clearly freedom as you are able to make decisions by yourself. However, since your work is tough, do you feel uneasy about it?
Kim Junsu: Of course, it is hard. In the past, I would just have to go ahead and do since everything had been arranged. However, the amount of pleasure that I will obtain will be several times more if I were to prepare the concert myself, as I will feel that it is my concert. If I were alone, I would have given up. As the members are with me and they become my support so I trust their abilites and is able to come this far. Because of them, I felt like it was possible.
10. Since you mentioned that all of you have trust in each other’s abilites, what is are you best at?
Kim Junsu: Nothing. (Laughs) Well… If I have to say something, it will be dance songs? As I am the member who dances the most, so I am probably the best in dance songs. The director of the JYJ concert was Jaejoongie-hyung and he was so involved that I was surprised that he has so many talents. I felt a sense of pride seeing his earnest approach. Also, Yoochun has a good song-writing sense. Previously, I asked him to help me in making a rap. He finished it in five minutes, which was really great. So, I said, “He is one of my member. A cool dude.” However, maybe we are just being very proud of ourselves. (Explosive laughter)
10. You have started acting in musicals. It feels like you wanted to act after seeing the other members do so.
Kim Junsu: Even though I want act in the small screen, I need to gain more experiences so I cannot do so yet. I want to try acting in dramas too. I have such thoughts, but they are difficult to do. So, I think that musical is the coolest. You can sing, act and dance in musicals. As musical is just musical, I want to live by challenging myself to several other things.
 “No matter which job that you do, you will lose something if you gain something.”

10. Then, excluding work, what do you want to challenge yourself to?
Kim Junsu: There are many things. I want to make a World Cup for celebrities around the world. Ahhahahahaha. Wouldn’t it be good? It will unite all the celebrities. (Laughs) That is one thing. I want to study more in the future. If I develop an eye for musicals, I want to try making and producing musicals and producing singers.
10. This year is the ninth year since your debut and you have gained a lot during this time. How do you overcome the times when you felt helpless?
Kim Junsu: It depends on the way you think. As I am a celebrity, it is burdensome whenever I want to go to somewhere comfortably. I cannot date and I have to do it in secret if I want to. I had many regrets. I started because I like singing. When I was young, I only want to sing and I would not even think about the problems of being a celebrity. I became more comfortable after realizing that celebrities are not the only people who face problems and ordinary people do so too.
10. In what way do you think that we are all the same?
Kim Junsu: I gained a lot after becoming a singer. In the past, I felt that it was natural for me to gain things and I was pessimistic about the things that I had lost. However, it is the same for everyone. Someone will gain something from what I have lost and someone will not be able to get what I have gained. So, no matter which job that we do, we will lose something if we gain something. There will be times when you say what you do not want to say. Reporters also have times when they have to talk about something, which they do not want to. They also have times when they feel sorry. However, there is nothing they can do since they are reporters. Hahaha. That is what it is. In the end, it is the same restrain. So, we have to be thankful for things that we get and also things that we lost. It helps me become more at ease. I am not the only one who is lonely.
10. I feel that I am listening to a gospel by ‘Mr Positive Kim’. (Laughs)
Kim Junsu: Since I have experienced so much, I come to not care about unimportant things. Ahhahahaha. Yoochun and I are so affirmative that we say, “Well, let’s not care about it.” Just like that. Rather, it is Jaejoongie-hyung alone who is all troubled. Hahaha.
 Source: 10asia via Nate
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3