[INT] X-5 "Not the name of the car·chocobar! We'll let our name be known by our skill in music"

Group X-5 has confidence to make 2012 their year and in order to do so has started to spread out their wings.

X-5 released their mini-album 'Dangerous' last month and is currently promoting with their title track with the same name. 'Dangerous' is a powerful beat dance song which was composed by Ahn Youngmin.

The members said while laughing "We worked together with composer Ahn Youngmin who understand us very well" and "We went through some hardships with choreography, which we constantly switched up, but overall, we were happy to be able to show a good stage".

X-5, who debuted last year, are still rookies who still need to make their name known. Last year was only a warm-up for X-5, and are expecting to take off this year with it being the year of the black dragon.

Zin says "With having only a year of experience, we participated in lots of interesting activities. We are thankful that there are people who listen to our songs, give us presents, and send us fan letters" and "in order to repay that love for us, we will work even harder."

With the recent flood of idols, what makes X-5 unique from the rest. They answered 'their tall height allows them to have a powerful performance'. Member Ghun stated "Our average height is about 186cm. We are taller than any other idol group members" and "Because of our tall heights the choreography might look like nothing but if we do it well, it looks cool. But in order to do so, we also have to practice more"

In addition, Ghun mentioned "There a lots of groups that have a powerful image, but the way you express that powerful image is different for each artist. We'll show a powerful image within our own true colors."

X-5 is an artist under Junjin's agency Open World Entertainment. Junjin, who is a member of the nation's longest group Shinhwa, unsparingly gives advice to the recently debuted X-5 hoobaes. X-5 members all stated that "Junjin sunbae as with the other members of Shinhwa all have that calm composure" and "The sunbaes give us know-hows on how to be a group together as long as Shinhwa. We are really appreciative of it".

According to the members, Junjin's advice to being a long-lived group is to prevent keeping secrets among themselves and to always solve problems as soon as possible. Ghun says "I heard that we could fight due to our different opinions. But it said that only if you take care of the situation then, you would be able to go past 10 years. We also heard that members should work hard to not be like another member."

X-5, who debuted last year, were not able to receive a rookie award. Unlike other awards the rookie award is only able to be received with the year of debut making it very meaningful. Because of it, the members felt very regretful. They had to watch A-Pink, who debuted along with them, take various rookie awards at different award shows. Member Haewon stated that "When A-Pink won the rookie award, it felt similar to something like 'we both entered high school as friends at the same time but they went off to a different university'" and "We were frustrated but it's not the end and we will work harder with no time to hesitate."

X-5's goal for this year is to let their name X-5 be known. Also following that, they want to be 1st on a music program. The members said that "when you search for X-5 a car comes up. Also, another thing that pops up is the name of a chocobar that is primarily sold in the military" and "We'll work hard so that when you search for X-5, we'll be the first thing to pop up instead of a car or a chocobar".

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