TEEN TOP “Praising us saying that “We’re cute” even for our cool choreography. What should we do?” part 1/2

It seems like they are still awkward with the title of ‘in-trend idols’. After placing 1st on terrestrial music programmes 1 year and 6 months after their debut, they have risen to become influential figures in the music industry but they gave a shy smile “We’re still far from that”

Debuting with ‘Clap’ in July 2010, TEEN TOP has been attracting the attention of teenage fans for their flawless perfectly synced dance. Their popularity has been on the rise with ‘Supa Luv’ and ‘No More Perfume On You’. After releasing their 2nd mini album [It’s] in January, with their title track ‘Crazy’, they have joined the ranks of 1st place singers.

“We’re really thankful to our fans. When they announced the 1st place for ‘Music Bank’, because it’s our first time we were really just in a daze. We were so shocked that the tears just went back in. When we won the mutizen song on ‘Inkigayo’ that’s when it dawned on us. That’s why there were a lot of tears then” (Ricky)

TEEN TOP kept their promise with their fans after being awarded 1st place. They had publicly agreed to do a ‘human pyramid’ and they showed it on stage. Changjo expressed his regret towards that “Because of my injured arm, we couldn’t show a true human pyramid”

“I injured my arm on the day we won our first 1st place so we couldn’t end it well. When we have the opportunity again, I want to show a ‘human pyramid’ in front of the fans” (Changjo)

When asked “What is TEEN TOP’s trademark?”, ‘perfectly synced dance’ will come to mind for most fans. It’s as though only one person is dancing it; they have gained attention with their perfectly synced dance. It is the result of TEEN TOP’s sweat and hard work.

“For ‘Crazy’ choreography, we spent 9 hours a day for 3 months to practise it. Because we don’t allow a single move to be wrong so everyday we’ll record our practice once and monitor it, and then of course we practised and practised again” (Chunji)

“To be honest with every comeback because there is an expectation for the ‘perfectly synced dance’ it’s true that it is a burden. But in order not to disappoint, I think we’ve practised even harder” (L.Joe)

Across age groups and genders, their wide fan base is the proof of TEEN TOP’s high popularity. In particular, at a recent autograph session in Gwangju, police had to be deployed because of the many fans that have gathered.

“When we first debuted we really had a lot of young fans but after promoting ‘No More Perfume On You’ we have gained a lot of noona fans. As for ‘Crazy’ we have been gaining male fans as well. Haha. Male fans tend to be really shy. When we meet them at autograph sessions they tend to express their affection shyly. In contrast, noona fans take really good care of our bodies” (L.Joe)

TEEN TOP has been called ‘the younger idols’ which really shows that they have a lot of noona fans in particular. They feel great receiving all the love from noona fans but on one hand the TEEN TOP members are in a dilemma.

“When we work hard trying to show our cool sides on stage, they keep saying “We’re cute”. We really don’t know what to do. Even the younger fans are calling us quite which is putting us in quite an awkward position. I think we have to grow up quickly” (Changjo)

“As compared to the current “It’s cute” we want to be recognised for our professionalism and potential. Not just the ‘perfectly synced dance’ we want to showcase more moderated wildness and build something that is distinctively TEEN TOP.” (C.A.P)

Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr
Source: TV Daily

TEEN TOP, hearing about Andy in tears after 1st place win “It really tugged at our hearts” part 2/2

Group TEEN TOP showed Andy affection which was different from the others

After winning the first 1st place since their debut 1 year and 6 months ago with the title track ‘Crazy’ of their 2nd mini album [It’s], TV Daily met up with TEEN TOP at Seoul Non Hyundong for an interview after their after party where they shared their thoughts about winning 1st place.

TEEN TOP’s creator and producer Andy joined them at the after party after they were awarded with ‘Inkigayo’ mutizen song on the 5th.

Niel spoke, “Andy hyung said “Why didn’t you guys cry on stay, do you think that the hardship that you guys went through wasn’t enough, you want more?”

Following which, they expressed their gratitude towards Andy. “He meant that as a joke but we heard that he shed tears when he watched us won 1st on the broadcast. After hearing that it really tugged at our hearts”

Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr
Source: TV Daily