[INT] TEEN TOP “To be perfectly synced in dance we practiced 9 hours everyday for 3 months”

Idol group TEEN TOP (C.A.P, Niel, Ricky, L.Joe, Changjo & Chunji) has indeed truly become really popular.

TEEN TOP won 1st place on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ which was broadcasted on the 5th, with the title track of their 2nd mini album ‘It’s’, Crazy, thus claiming the mutizen song. They won consecutively twice as they won their very first 1st place in 1 year and 7 months since debut on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 3rd. Their name is slowly being known overseas; in Japan they are already receiving the treatment of Hallyu stars. After being produced by SHINHWA’s Andy in 2010, they have become one of the music industry’s rising star and they seem to bearing fruits of their labour this year. TEEN TOP revealed “We still has a long way to go” but they answered brightly with the wave of their hands, we will work harder as we want to become the idol group who does not mind following the traces of Shinhwa sunbaenim

-You guys have earned the nickname of the ‘in-trend’ idols.

“It’s too generous of a compliment. We’re still far from it so we’ll work even harder so that we can truly become the trend in the music industry. We like the nickname of ‘Earth idols’. The fans gave us this name hoping that we’ll be able to go global.” (C.A.P)

-You guys are known for your perfectly synced dance. How much did you guys practise?

For ‘Crazy’ we spent 9 hours a day for 3 months just dancing. But we’re still lacking. Even now when our schedule for the day ends, we’ll spend another 2 hours at the practice studio to practise before sleeping. It is important that we don’t quarrel amongst ourselves. We need to be on good terms so that the choreography will look good. In the beginning we really had alot of quarrels. But now after understanding one another’s personalities, we don’t do things that will make us quarrel.” (Niel)

-Wasn’t it tiring because of the perfectly synced dance

We’ve already performed ‘Crazy’ over a 100 times. There was once we danced it 30 times in a day but now we’re used to those kind of situations. More importantly it’s the burden that comes along with it. When we make a comeback, the fans will see the choreography first. It isn’t easy always trying to exceed expectations.” (Ricky)

-Your popularity in Japan is quite amazing

“We have still yet to officially debut there but there are many people who like us. The first time we went to Japan there were many fans at the airport. We’re so surprised that our jaws dropped. Last december we held a fanmeeting and 5000 people came. Because there weren’t enough seats we had to add another show.” (Changjo)

-The way to capture the hearts of the Japanese fans.

“We held a ‘hi touch session’ in Japan, while we did high fives we added ‘Ha ya’. I think they’ll never forget once they touched our hands.” (Niel)

-The most memorable fan.

“The Japanese fans are of a diverse age range. There were fans who were couples; and grandfathers, grandmothers. There was once male fan who dressed up as Super Mario at the fanmeeting and not too long ago we met again in Korea. He dressed up as Super Mario again and he told us he came to
Korea to see us.” (L.Joe)

-People are saying that you’re the idol group that girl groups like.

“Even if we’re appearing on the same broadcast we don’t get to share waiting rooms with the girl groups. There’s really no chance for us to become close so I don’t know. Even when we meet at the corridors we greet one another with a 90 degree bow so we don’t even get to see their faces. Haha.” (Chunji)

-The girl group that TEEN TOP likes.

“We like Miss A. Their performances are a piece of art. From their vocals to expressions, they give off the vibe of female warriors. We want to have a combined stage for once. We have been fans of Wonder Girls sunsaengnim since before our debut. We like the addictive songs that contain the style of Wonder Girls. We really want to emulate their courage of advancing into America.” (Niel)

-We’re curious about what TEEN TOP does 24 hours.

“Because our schedules are different all the time so we don’t have a fixed time for meals and sleep. Yesterday we woke up at 8am and we were working till 2am. Recently Niel has become the late riser. He’s already used to the sounds of the alarm clock so he can’t be woken up by it. We gave him a new clock but he continues sleeping after putting the alarm clock into the drawer. Haha.” (C.A.P)
-After your debut, did you guys get any break.
“We didn’t. We still do not have to take a break. We want to be even more tired out. Our company gave us a day off during the Lunar New Year. We all went to catch the movies, “Face Maker” “Mission Impossible 4” “Perfect Game” “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”; no member watched the same movie.” (Ricky)

-You’re the singers whom hit producers want to work with.
“Maybe it’s because we’ve worked with Bang Shihyuk, Brave Brothers sunsaengnims. They have been of great help to reach our current position. In the future when we become even more successful, we want to return the kindness.” (L.Joe)
-Your rivals.
“Recently I had goosebumps while watching Block B’s music video. Their style is really cool. The members are already involved in writing their own songs. We have to learn from them their diligence. I think we’ll be able to hear our L.Joe’s compositions maybe next year in our album.” (C.A.P)
-You’ve achieved the 1st place on music programmes you have dreamt of. What’s your next goal.
“We want to win a bonsang at the year-end ceremonies. After we solidify our position in Korea, we are thinking of official Japanese activities. Now we can gather 5000 people for our performances. We’ll work harder even more; we really want to fill up 50,000 seats at the Tokyo Dome.” (Chunji)

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Translation by @oursupaluv