[INT] Rookie group B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk, “I want to make even the underground scene mine.”

We were able to meet with rookie group B.A.P who had recently succeeded in holding their first, extravagant showcase held on January 28th, 2012. With their strong music video and garnering popularity through their song, we were curious on who they were. The first introduction was B.A.P’s leader Bang Yongguk, who holds a thick and strong voice.
Unable to hold back his various facial expressions, he always stole the attention during the photo shoot and we were able to hold an interview with him. How does he feel in achieving his dreams as he makes his debut through B.A.P?
“I promoted in 2011 before but the difference is that I’m really happy to be able to have our team B.A.P who waited for this to have made its debut in 2012. Because this was a moment we’ve anticipated a lot for, it’s still fluttering and overwhelming for us. And seeing that our promotions are establishing better than we thought it would, I’m relieved.”
From being the eldest member to the leader, his responsibilities are more than likely different than others. “I’ve always done music since I liked it ever since I was younger. So whether it’s our company or our team, I’m musically involved. I participated a lot in the music making and finding a concept. I’m always thankful for my team members following a lot into what I do and giving me strength. There are a lot of days before us and I hope to be able to show a more solidified friendship and teamwork from us.”
Before he became a trainee in his 3rd year of middle school, he’s always done Indie music. In promoting as a rapper in the underground scene, he coincidentally met with current company label-mate Untouchable and while establishing their friendship, the rest is history in him making his debut to the music industry under B.A.P.
“I’ve never had interest in anything outside of music and I still don’t, so I guess that’s why I never think that I lose out on anything. I’ve always done what I wanted and in being able to enjoy that, that’s happiness.”
Bang Yongguk is able to feel the love of his fans through SNS. He said that whenever he reads the messages his fans leave to him on Twitter, he gains strength. Although he hasn’t had the chance to meet with fans personally, he said he wants to express his love for his fans in the many opportunities that lie ahead of him.
“I’m appearing on a cable TV program right now and some people call me a ‘variety dummy.’ Oddly enough, I don’t really have anything to say and it’s just awkward for me; the staff of the show tell me to just stay as I am. Even our company tells us to win musically rather than through variety shows, however I haven’t given up just yet.”
There must be a member he’s close to if he’s living in a dorm while promoting with B.A.P as a group. “Of course I’m well and close to all the members of the group, but I’m honestly closest to Himchan. I think it’s because we’ve lived in a dorm longer together and we’re the same age, so we tend to talk more.”
There must be difficulties when having prepared for the debut. “Difficulties, of course there are a lot since I was the member of the group who trained the longest. First off, it took a long time for us to finalize the members of B.A.P.”
Bang Yongguk who doesn’t dance well because he’s a rapper. “I did get into a lot of trouble, but I put just as much effort in how much I lacked. Even if the other members would go home, I’d even cry practicing alone. I didn’t know it before, but I eventually progressed.”
He likes the word ‘prove’ because he’s the type to grit his teeth and win in the end. “I want to show the people that tell me I won’t make it or I won’t be able to as I succeed. I think when I’m able to prove myself, all the stress I have flies away.”
Who is the celebrity that fits into Bang Yongguk’s ideal? “I like a “woman with morals.” Of course, me saying that I don’t look at physical appearances is a lie, but I think it’s nice to see someone help an elder grandma or grandpa on the street despite not having a pretty face. Whether it’s someone who picks up the trash or someone who’s formal that’s truly from their heart, I think seeing that is truly beautiful.”
Bang Yongguk says that as his personal goal, he wants to become an artist who has various sides to him musically. In 2012, receiving a rookie award is his dream as well as B.A.P crossing outside the borders of Korea for B.A.P to become international artists, as we were able to feel his determination and passion from his words. We’ll be rooting for his dreams.