[INT] Rookie Group B.A.P Daehyun “I can never forget the bliss I felt at our first showcase”

B.A.P is gathering popularity with their debut, which has charisma that does not seem to fit a rookie group. The six-member group’s charm, shown in their strong choreography and appealing vocals, has immediately overtaken the music industry.

In this booming music industry with many idols, B.A.P has a very busy schedule. Even with an exhausting schedule that starts in the morning, the six members came into the studio with a bright greeting.

Among those is vocalist Daehyun, possessing a voice that does not match his young age. He spoke calmly and coherently during the interview, showing that compared to his peers, he is a deep thinker and a serious member.

“I heard you’re known as Busan’s Wonbin?” After the reporter’s playful joke, Daehyun met eyes with Youngjae and let out a sound that hinted that he was a bit embarrassed, showing the purity of a twenty-year-old.

In 2012 he became an adult and had a dream-like debut. “To be honest, it’s still a little crazy. The days pass by quickly. The showcase also passed by before I knew it. However, it was successful because we worked hard to prepare it and many people cheered us on and enjoyed it. Now, every day is happy.”

When he was young, he saw Dong Bang Shin Ki sunbaes and dreamed of becoming a singer. “I love to sing and dance. I am happy because I can do what I love” saying this word by word, one could feel his prudency and tranquility.

Unlike his peers, he felt that in order to live a celebrity life, you must give up as much as you receive. “I can’t really get in touch with people because I’m so busy. So I’m disappointed that I’m drifting away from my friends.” Daehyun feels sorry for his friends, because he has to practice for almost 10 hours and live in a dorm.

“I endured this to do something I really love and want to do. You have to be willing to give up the time to reach for your goals and dreams,” Daehyun said maturely.

The B.A.P members live in a dorm. We thought there would never be a quiet day, since it’s six boys. “There is definitely variety every day (laughs)” Daehyun laughed playfully with a thumbs-up. “I wake up the earliest and wake up the other members. Since the members are so exhausted, they often sleep-talk and have conversations in their sleep, but maknae Zelo is the cutest and funniest. (laughs) There’s so much more besides that. There’s never a dull day (laughs)“

Daehyun says having the members around all the time gives him strength. He always seems brave but he probably had some hard times, “In some ways, I’m thinking right now is the hardest time. Our practice time has been shortened because of the suddenly busy schedule. So this is the time where we have to be most cautious. We have to practice to reduce mistakes and put on a more perfect performance, but we really have no time to practice, so we cheer each other on even more and give each other strength.”

We think B.A.P’s popularity and love is an obvious response, from their sincere responses.

As a twenty-year-old, it is expected to want to date, so what is his ideal type? “I like women with a strong and caring image like Shim Sa Im Dang [T/N: She was a Korean feminist, I believe]. In terms of celebrities, an image like Ha Jiwon or Lee Jia…It’s hard to express in words (laughs)” The reporter asked if it wasn’t Ha Jiwon and Lee Jia’s sexiness and charisma, and Daehyun (??). We got the idea that he was an inexperienced member with maturity.

He says he will never be able to forget the bliss of seeing a full audience at his showcase stage. He ended the interview by revealing that he would pay them back with a more developed image. We hope that the sincerity in his eyes is delivered to the fans through B.A.P’s music, and that 2012 is B.A.P’s year.