[INT] The art of perfectly synced dance. Driving the noonas crazy!

The hottest boy group… Their secret to winning the hearts of females?

Winning their first 1st place on terrestrial music programmes after their debut with ‘Crazy’. Their powerful dance and pretty boy smiles are making the hearts of females flutter. “9 hours of dance practice a day… Just by looking at one another’s eyes we know what to do OK”

Recently in the music industry, ‘perfectly synced dance’ has become a topic of discussion. An idol group with perfectly synced dance means that the members dance the same actions without any margin of error.

6 member male group TEEN TOP (C.A.P Niel Ricky L.Joe Changjo Chunji) has been receiving attention with their perfectly synced dance. Their average age when they first debuted in July 2010 was 16.3 (Korean age). Music fans gave the rookie group high praises for their ‘perfectly synced dance’ which had the members executing the precise moves with strength without any margin of error. TEEN TOP also does think that their charm is their perfectly synced dance.

In order to achieve the fanciful perfectly synced dance for the performance, exactly how much sweat and practice had gone into it. With the immense amount of practice before going on stage, it is the reason for the perfection of the dance.

Having released their new song ‘Crazy’ in January and are currently out their promotional activities; even till then they had been matching their dances 9 hours a day for 3 months. Their debut track ‘Clap’ took more than 10 hours a day for 5 months. Now they are able to match their dances just by exchanging glances.

They are still hot-blooded adolescences; so you can imagine that they can get rather hot tempered and quarrel with one another after spending every day at the practice studio matching their dances.

But after their 3rd single ‘No More Perfume On You’, they seemed to be more understanding of one another. In baseball terms, it’s called ‘chemistry’. While they may have had conflicts while in the process of perfectly syncing their dance, they resolve it through talking it out, believing and helping one another; it holds great meaning as they set the foundation similar their role models, the longest running group SHINHWA.

“The members all have different personalities and styles so it really takes a lot of practice to match our dance moves. Now it seems like an automatic reaction when we hear any verses and we’ll do the appropriate dance”

Pursued by new boy groups “Sandwiched generation? We believe that the sweat we put in will not betray us”

TEEN TOP has risen up to their first 1st place after debut on terrestrial music programmes in the first week of February. The fans have shown their support and TEEN TOP has been called the ‘in-trend idols’ ‘influential idols’.

However there has been the influx of long planned male idol groups from large entertainment companies this year like B.A.P, EXO, NUEST etc. It is not the time for TEEN TOP to let their guard down nor be comforted by the fans’ love and their position as the music industry’s trend and influential figures.

While catching up with the forerunners Big Bang, Beast, Mblaq, they are being pursued by new juniors who appear, making them sandwiched in between. TEEN TOP shows their readiness to sweat even more “We believe that the sweat we put in will not betray us”

“We know that we’re in the middle, in an ambiguous generation. Knowing that fact clearly we have sweat even more, we want to do show our own colours. It’s also good that we’re in the middle. We can emulate the success of the seniors and there’s competition from the rookies. We’re determined to not lose out to any of our juniors”

TEEN TOP is also preparing for their overseas advancement. Starting with Japan which gave them a good response, they are exploring the other areas in Asia. They have already held two rounds of fanmeetings in Japan last year and they are expected to hold their fanmeeting in Taiwan in March.

“We have won 1st place, we’re going overseas, but nothing has changed about us. We’re still what we are, we’re always rookies (mindset). We only believe in the sweat.”

Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr
Source: Sports Donga