[INFO] The BOSS will be presenting their "At Twilight Date Plan!"

Will be released in Japan on Saturday 25th of February

Twilight Saga

Breaking Dawn

Part 1

A Popular Idol group, The BOSS will be presenting their “At 『TwilightDate Plan”!
They are 5 men debuted in Korea on March 2010, then debuted in Japan on April 2011 at Nico love.
So far they have released many singles with “Love” word in every title of the song, owing to the LOVE series.
They have just released their 1st album 「Love Letters」, now their characters will be turned into a career men!
If you were Edward, what kind of date would it be?
If you were Jacob, what kind of date would it be?
Which date is “throbbing” girls heart’s more will be planned as a “heart throbbing date”!

The Show Won’t Just Ended Like That!
Beyond the broadcasting, there will be a Real Event on 20th February!
Related to the recording, The BOSS’ members are invited to present their date plan to Yukina Kinoshita! (T/N: Yukina Kinoshita is a model, she's already married)
Not only for cast audition, she will be judging for the best date plan too!
Of course, you can watch this event at Nico live, but special for 10 couples of you would be invited at the venue!!

【Real Event Viewers Recruitment!】
Date: February 20 (Mon) 13:00 ~ 13:30 (Doors open at 12:30)
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo (will be announced to the winners later)
How to apply: Please like our facebook page, then follow the instruction there.
Pay attention with the lottery, the winner will be announced on 18th February (Sat).
At the day of the event you show us your elected mail or email you sent to us, then you have to confirm the elected mail using such as smart phone, and please bring your identity.
Click Here to Apply

Source: http://live.nicovide...atch/lv80738089
Translated by: Biatensai@AstroMAFIA.com
Article by: jean22s@AstroMAFIA.com