[INFO] 大国男児 5th single 『Jumping』Release Events

The BOSS 5th single 『Jumping』celebration launch,
Release events will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya!
Event Description
Handshake meeting(for all event participants if you have a ticket
limited mini LIVE (for those who win the lottery at the meeting that day

March 30 (Friday) Tokyo Zepp Tokyo
Handshake meeting Reception start time 17:00
Closing Hour 19:00

March 31 (Saturday) Osaka Zepp Osaka
Admission Ticket distribution time 8:00~11:00
Handshake meeting Reception start time 12:00~(1st time)
           16:00~(2nd time)

Closing Hours 13:30(1st time)
       17:30(2nd time)

April 1st (Sunday)  Nagoya Zepp Nagoya
○Admission time distribution time 8:00~11:00
○Handshake meeting reception start time 12:00~(1st time)
16:00~(2nd time)

Closing Hours 13:30(1st time)
17:30(2nd time)

Osaka meeting,Nagoya meeting 1st time (12:00~) the handshake meeting, if you do not have a ticket on that day of distribution,you may not be able to join us.

Both each meeting、Handshake meeting notes
Please bring your ticket to the meeting on the day of participations.
1 ticket for 1 partipant、for you to join us in the handshake meeting.
At any age、participate in the meeting when shaking hands 、participation of 1 ticket per a person per a day.
If you have 2 or more tickets participation、Once the handshake meeting is finished and according to the induction of the staff please list at the end of the colum.
If you have lost your ticket participation、please note that we do not re-issued in any cases.
Due to various reasons、without prior notice contents may change・It also may be cancel.Please acknowlege it beforehand.
Meeting around all night・luggages or sheets take place the location of・the sit-in、interfere with the passage、will be ban in the inconvience of others。
Shooting on the day・recording・etc. will be strictly prohibited.
■The day of pattern affiliated・There is a possibilites of shooting an interview and media companies. Please acknowledge it before hand.
Gifts・letters handed directly to the artists will be prohibited. Please present you letters etc. to the staff.
The handshake meeting attendent is participant may touch shoulder or arm. Acknowledge that on the handshake meeting please participatate.
1 at the time it is、since the ticket will be collected please acknowlege that.
Transportation to the meeting・and accommodation will be on your own. Same if leaving the event in an emergency.
The meeting・accidents that occur outside・organizer theft etc・meeting・cast is not responsible in any way.
Preventing accidents and troubles on that day, we may let a variety of restrictions.
Follow the direction of the staff on that day of the meeting、we will ask for your views.
If there are acts contary to the notes, we may cancel in consideration of safety events.

Limited mini LIVE participation with respects notes graded according 】
Only those who were elected in the lottery after the handshake meeting, will be eligible. In addition、If you have more than one ticket for the event, you can join us in the lottery.
■ After electing those after completeing the handshake meeting, we invite you to the LIVE limited mini. In addition you can only join if you were elected for this event.
■ The starting time of the LIVE limited mini varies depending on each meeting. In addition, we will note the starting time annoucment on that day.
■ LIVE limited mini to people under age of six, can not enter. Also can not join us by the lottery.


Source: daikokudanji.jp

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