[Daum] One month after debuting with the first single ‘WARRIOR’!

On February 27th, boy group B.A.P shared a group photo on Daum Cafe.

It's been one month since the group debuted with their first single entitled "WARRIOR". To reminisce, the group posted the photo above and wrote "A month after B.A.P’s First Single ‘WARRIOR’ debut. The last stage of ‘WARRIOR’ was aired on February 26th on ‘Inkigayo’, we hope you will give continuous love for the activities on their follow-up song as much love and interest as you give to ‘WARRIOR’."

They continued "Their follow up song ‘비밀연애 (Secret Love)’ will show a transformation from the six tough warriors so please look forward to it and cheer on it a lot.
Thank you."

In the picture, the boys show their cuteness by posing with various expressions. 

The boys seem happy for their first month in music industry. Let's support them and watch over them until they meet their dream.

source: Daum Cafe
translations by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net