[TRANS] TEEN TOP SIA (Japan Magazine) vol. 06 - Winter 2012

SIA Asian Pops for Girls vol. 6
Part 1 of 2 (Interview / Fan Meeting Report)

Teen Top made girls weak in the knees across Asia with the devilish glances they cast in “No More Perfume on You.” Steamy with youthful bang appeal, they came to Japan for the “Talk & Live” event! We hit up the six members, who despite their average age of 17.3 years old, are transforming into “grown-up men.”

By winning the Newcomers Award, their 2011 goals were achieved!

» By releasing the hit song “Supa Luv” followed by another hit, “No More Perfume on You,” last year was a good one, wasn’t it! What kind of year was 2011 for all of you?

Chunji: I think it was a really meaningful year! As the group Teen Top, we were able to become known to many people through “No More Perfume on You” and we were also able to win the Korean Entertainment Arts Newcomers Award! Also, our fan club “Angel” was established, bringing Angels together!

» Did you achieve the goals that you set for yourselves in 2011?

Niel: We had the goal of wanting to win the Newcomers Award, so it was a perfect success!

» Congratulations! Well then, could you all please tell us any important personal news taking place in 2011?

C.A.P.: I was able to enter university. As I’ve turned 20 in Korean age, I think I’ll probably become more grown-up from here on.

Chunji: I’ve always been totally hot, but I got even hotter!

Ricky: Where? (laughs)

Chunji: If I’d been good-looking in a youthful way before, I think I became good-looking in a more manly way in 2011.

Changjo: For one thing, I got a lot taller! My goal height is 183 centimeters, and I think I’m going to keep growing more and more.

Ricky: For me, I had a baby-face, but my face is gradually losing its chubbiness and I’ve become more grown-up looking. Maybe it was also good that I put my bangs [fringe] up. (laughs)

Niel: My voice finished changing!

L.Joe: I made my debut as a rapper in “No More Perfume on You.” I think I’ll be able to to keep showing you my rapping from here on out.

» In “No More Perfume on You,” you sing about the feelings of a guy who’s two-timing with his same-aged girlfriend and an older girlfriend. Though we think the young guy in these lyrics is familiar with a girl’s mind, are all of you the type who understands girls’ feelings?

L.Joe: We have pretty much no experience with dating, so we don’t know anything about girls………

Niel: We were just acting to match the lyrics of the song!

» In that case, what is it about girls that you don’t understand?

Chunji: Sometimes girls, regardless of whether they’re younger or older, suddenly get sulky, right? Or they get angry. Even though we didn’t mean to do anything bad…. I don’t understand that.

» If they are grumpy with you, how do you handle it?

Chunji: I cover for it with aegyo! (laughs)

Changjo: Cutely take advantage!

» The girls who get hit with your aegyo are going to be completely taken out (laughs). On the other side, what thing is it that “girls just don’t understand about guys”?

C.A.P.: If a girl is going out with a guy, they ascertain (the guy’s feelings) by hearing them say the words “I love you,” don’t they? But there are guys who just can’t express their feelings of love in words. It would be nice if they understood more that it feels embarrassing (laughs)

» That makes sense. But Korean guys have the image, in comparison to Japanese guys, that they will just unabashedly say “sarang hae.”

Niel: It’s different from person to person! There are plenty of guys who can’t say it, too! (laughs)

Ricky: I’m timid, so I couldn’t say it……..

Changjo: I think Chunji and L.Joe could say it well. C.A.P. hyung should be good at it too!

L.Joe: I think I’m the best at confessions of love ♥

Niel plays terrible pranks!?

» Please tell us about the dorm. What’s the latest room arrangement?

Ricky: Right now it’s me and Niel, Changjo-L.Joe-Chunji in the same room, and C.A.P. sleeps by himself in the living room.

L.Joe: We put the two who do nothing but prank the others (Ricky and Niel) in the same room (laughs)

Changjo: C.A.P. hyung can’t fall asleep when there’s somebody around him, so he’s by himself.

» Are there any rules you absolutely must follow in the dorm?

L.Joe: It’s free. There aren’t any rules.

Chunji: When there’s practice or a schedule the next day, to make everything go smoothly we go to sleep early the day before….. we do have that kind of limitation.

» In your (Teen Top On Air) video, L.Joe and C.A.P. had a speed-cola-drinking contest, didn’t you. Do you guys always have fun having these kinds of ridiculous contests?

L.Joe: Speed-cola-drinking is totally not ridiculous!

Chunji: I feel like we mess around and play pranks on each other at least ten times in one day.

Niel: Having fun like this pranking each other might be the magic ingredient that makes us good friends! (laughs)

» Have there been any extreme pranks recently?

Niel: On C.A.P. hyung’s birthday we celebrated by tying up both of his hands and legs, whacking him and rolling him around!

Chunji: Right, right, to the very end we wouldn’t untie the rope, we just left him in the practice room like a log and went home (laughs)

C.A.P.: They’re horrible….. I crawled out of the practice room and somehow got out of the rope and escaped….

» (laughing) So is C.A.P. hyung the easiest to play pranks on?

Changjo: Yes. C.A.P. hyung is the leader, but he’s surprisingly the character that everybody will prank. It’s because he’s always kind and a good person ♪

» Who’s the biggest bully?

Chunji: Niel is terrible.

Ricky: When I’m taking a shower, Niel will suddenly turn off the lights or throw cold water on me. Seriously, stop! (laughs)

» Has anybody gotten seriously angry after being pranked?

Niel: Never! We enjoy being pranked, because the next time we’ll get back at them with something similar (laughs)

» It seems like every day is fun. When do you feel glad to be a member of Teen Top?

Ricky: When we can meet Angels at fan meetings, I feel really glad to be a member of Teen Top!

L.Joe: That’s true. I’m happiest when all of us stand on stage together.

» Please tell us your goal for this year.

Chunji: First, we want to get a #1 on a music program with our comeback this month!

Ricky: #1! #1!

C.A.P.: We also want to be on stage in Japan many times in 2012. While we’re doing our best with promotions in Korea, we also want to increase the frequency of our visits to Japan.

Translation by spacedollies@6teensontop - babyspaceangels@tumblr