[Trans] Jung Ah, Raina, Nana and Eyoung Interview with Web1!

Last year in December, the popular and hot After School was shining brightly on SHIBUYA109’s cylinder! In 2012, their first original Japanese song, ‘Rambling Girls’ and Korean smash hit ‘Because of You’ (Japanese version) was released in a double A side single! [...]
This time, out of the members, Nana, Jung ah, Raina and E-Young will be interviewed!  Interesting honest selves, the new songs secret story of how it became a direct hit? (T/N: Sorry totally lost here), a way to resolve a broken heart/unrequited love, advice on how to confess before Valentines, (something about cute girls’ talk) will be reported!
It will be updated over the course of 4 weeks, don’t miss out and check it out! We have some of the member’s handwritten signature as a present.

PART1: Tell us how the members are, honestly!
-               This is Nana’s second time here, first of all, can you introduce each of the members?
Nana: “Jung Ah comes off as a cold looking person, however out of all the members, she is the most like a mother figure. She’s a very warm person, and when the members have worries, she is the first person to go to. Based on her motherliness, I really think of her as my real sister.”
-          I see, so it’s like that!
Nana: “Also, her husky voice is amazing. She is AFTER SCHOOL’s fashion leader.”
Jung ah: (In Japanese) “Yatta!” (Yay!)
All: Ahahaha (laugh).
Nana: “Raina has a very powerful voice. She is After School’s main vocal. She’s the owner of a powerful, and strong singing voice. She is Orange Caramel’s leader as well. Her character is…”
Raina: (In Japanese) “Her character is a split personality (laugh)!”
Nana: “That’s right (laugh). She possesses a dual personality. She has a calm face but also a cute face.”
Raina: (In Japanese) “My nickname is ‘Singing Takoyaki’!”
Everyone: Ahahaha (laugh).
-          Takoyaki?! (laugh).
Raina: (Showing us how her cheeks are like Takoyaki) “Takoyaki  ♪~”
-          Ahahaha (laugh). Cute! Do the other members have nicknames?
Raina: (Points to Jung ah) “Mother!”
Jung ah: ”Yes! I’m the mother.”
Nana: ”Sexy beam!”
E-Young: ”My skin is white and soft, and for that reason, cotton candy! ♪~”
Raina: ”That is, number one, so cute!”
Everyone: Ahahaha (laugh).
-          That’s great! Everyone told us their nickname in Japanese! Everyone is really good at it!
Nana: ”E-Young recently joined as the “new student” and out of all the members, she is the youngest. She’s really skillful at playing musical instruments. Guitar and bells, right?”
E-Young: ”Yes. I can play electric guitar, bass drum, and also the piano.”
-          You can play a lot. What is the first instrument you’ve played for the longest time?
E-Young: ”Cello and the flute. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been playing them. Recently, I’ve been playing the piano and the guitar a lot.”
-          Then, from the 3 of you, from looking at Nana, what kind of person is she?
Raina: ”She is younger than me but, when it is time to work she is a very reliable person. I believe.”
Jung ah: ”That’s right.”
Raina: “Nana looks like a cold person but personally, she’s actually really warm, honest and someone with charm, I believe.”
E-Young: “That’s right. She’s really honest, and a person with charm. Also, she naturally works hard as a singer and a model. I went to a fashion show with her in it, from glancing at the people, I felt that she captured their hearts with her charm.”(?)
Raina: “When it’s time to get on stage, more than others, she is the most appealing; especially recently she has been really good at using her eyes (expressions) I believe.”
-          Sexy Beam, right!
Everyone: Ahaha (laugh).
Raina: ”Nana is sexy with make – up on but, (In Japanese) without make-up, she is Baby-chan!”
Everyone: Ahahahahahaha (laugh).
Raina: ”She’s really cute!”

Source: web★1