[Trans] Jinyoung's Fancafe Message!

B1A4's leader left his message on their Official Fancafe.

Read the translations of his message below.

Hello, I'm Jinyoung.
It's been a long while right?

Today, no that's yesterday, thanks to the love of our BANAs, we received another rookie award~!
Since a rookie award is one that you only have one chance at winning, it means so much to us.
To be able to start a year with such good feelings, we are so happy.
And to be able to be with our BANAs, that happiness seems to have doubled(no, multiplied by thousands)~ㅋㅋ

Our BANAs are happy too right?ㅋ
Looking back, our debut feels like just yesterday, it's unbelievable that time has passed so quickly

No matter when, no matter where, whenever we are on stage
We started to look for the faces of BANAs cheering for us

And today too, as expected, because of the BANAs in every corner of the stadium cheering for us
We were really happy~!(Shoulders eusseuk eusseuk ㅋㅋ)

To the BANAs who couldn't come and were cheering for us through the TV
To the BANAs who lost their voices screaming for us at the location
Or to the BANAs who were studying or working or chatting and missed the live broadcast...
We are alright~ We are alright~

We are always aware of the hearts of all the BANAs, so even if you're not always able to be with us
Our hearts are always together!! We know about that~ Right?

We'll work even harder so that BANAs can be proud of us
Please always look over us by our sides~

Don't be sad that we can't see each other frequently, and don't be suspicious!!!!
Even though I always say this, believe in us, alright?

BANA & B1A4 are going to be together in 2012 too~!~!

I love you~! Our BANAs~!

Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com