[Trans] Girl’s Day Yura Fancafe Message!

Girl's Day Yura left her message for the fans on their FanCafe, 
Read her message below.
Daisies!! Happy happy happy New Year♥
Bbyong bbyong, Yura here has appeared late in the night!!! Heehee.
Daisies!! Happy new year!!!*.*
And have lots of delicious food with your family, and have a happy Lunar New Year holidays!! hhhhh
Today I was so so impressed to see that you were cheering for us and rejoicing over our final win at the Alkkagi Championship as much as you had been when Korea won matches at the World Cup. ㅠ.ㅠ

Next time we will win the 1st place at another field?!!!Heeh~^^!!!
In 2012 I’d like to live a far happier and more pleasant year than last year with you fellow daisies!!
Yura feels very heartening and cozy because you stand by me all the time heehee.
As our comeback isn’t far away, so keep watching and waiting for us please, got it!???♥

I love you. Chu chu~~

Source: Girl's Day FanCafe
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