Super Idol Band, So Called Asian Maroon5, CNBLUE To Be Featured In The Next Musician SHAKE!

- Tutorial mode for beginners
- Attracting users with CARD SYSTEM
- Including mega hit songs such as “JICKAM(Intuition)” and “LOVE GIRL”
- Various promotional events ready on the Facebook page

Global mobile contents provider dooub, Inc. ( has launched CNBLUE SHAKE, the sixth musician shake of their series, through iTunes App store. CNBLUE SHAKE contains new Tutorial Mode, which leads users to naturally learn the game, especially for beginners. The CARD SYSTEM, which received a good amount of favorable comments from the users, allows gamers to use or combine the cards given during the game. dooub expects users will meet their satisfaction with these fresh contents.

CNBLUE has proved themselves to be the Asian top boy band by winning four awards such as Best Asian Group Award and the 26th Golden Disk Award (The Korean equivalent of the Grammys). The musical ability of CNBLUE was already recognized officially after they successfully opened for Linkin Park’s concert in Japan last year. As getting musically mature, CNBLUE has become one the most influential musician in Asia and now is considered to be Asian Maroon5.

CNBLUE SHAKE will provide CNBLUE’s mega hit songs like “Intuition(JIKGAM)” and “LOVE GIRL” as well as their musical masterpieces listed in albums. Users will not just listen but actually feel the original sound of CNBLUE as they follow the rhythm and voice.

MUSICIAN SHAKE SERIES, being serviced by dooub has become a multi-hit mobile game, gathering over 2.5 million users across the world. Super junior SHAKE won the “Best Mobile Game of the Year 2011”’ for the first time in Asia by world famous website Mashable, beating out extremely popular games like Angry Birds and Cut the rope. CNBLUE SHAKE is now ready to create another sensation in mobile game market.

1) About dooub, Inc. (
Started as apalms, Inc. in 2009, dooub, Inc. was founded and headquartered in Seoul in 2011 with its focus on connecting people through mobile and web-based applications.

dooub has released several games and applications for mobile devices and Facebook, which amassed 1.3 million total users across the world.

Boom SHAKE, a rhythm-action game that became the backbone of the Musician SHAKE Project, had been released for iOS and was ranked No. 1 in the music category in the US.

SoulCity, a marital compatibility test application using LBS, was ranked No. 1 overall in the App Store Korea.

Location Notes, the first iOS application from dooub, is one of the first services that utilize LBS to SNS.
Puppy Nation, dooub’s first social network game, is a real-time 3D pet simulation for Facebook.
Further information on dooub, Inc. and its games can be found at

2) About Musician SHAKE Project
The Musician SHAKE Project, led by dooub, is a rhythm-action game platform for individual artists. The project is currently focusing on releasing music games for K-Pop singers, and soon, it plans to broaden its genre and culture including indie music.

This platform allows artists to freely express their music and spread their concepts across the world.
dooub has collaborated with SM Entertainment in making the first output of the project, Super Junior SHAKE, which was released in October 2011. The next project featured Girl’s Generation, which hit the market in November, and their latest project, IU SHAKE, was released in December.