[Photos] Kahi, Lizzy & Daishi Dance, Tweet Photos of After School [BTS KISS Performance]

South Korean girl group After School performed at Kiss Tokyo on the 27th of January.
The girls performed a total of 5 songs which are Let’s Do It, Japanese version of Bang, Shampoo, Because of you and Rambling Girls 
Catwalk order: Kahi→Juyeon→Raina→E-young→Lizzy→Jungah→Nana
However, After School's Kahi shared a photo on her Twitter account.

"wow. Our Japanese fan club has a passport and a card. Cute^^ somehow, it kinda feels like we are sharing something together! Please cheer After School a lot!! Cute~~~ kkya~^^!! How you have to bring the passport whenever you are watching our performances~!^^" Kahi wrote as the caption of the picture.
But member Lizzy also tweeted a photo showing the passport and card of After School fanclub.

"You can only receive it,if you apply for our Japanese fan club… ㅎㅎ So don’t misunderstand~" Lizzy wrote and attached their cute photo.

Member U-ie wasn't able to attend because of her busy schedule.

Who wants the passport and the card?

Trans: pledisAStrans
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net