[Photo] Moon Geun-yeong's naughty hand on Moon Chae-won?

The way that actress Moon Geun-yeong's hand landed on Moon Chae-won is catching people's attention.

Moon Geun-yeong handed over the Best Actress Award to Moon Chae-won at the 2011 KBS Acting Awards on the 31st of December. While Moon Geun-yeong was about to give Moon Chae-won a warm hug, a picture of them was taken. But it makes it look like Moon Geun-yeong's hand hardly reached Moon Chae-won's shoulder and landed on her breast.

Moon Geun-yeong's super-high stiletto heels to match her dress also drew lots of attention.

Netizens say, "I've never seen Moon Geun-yeong's 'bad hands' before", "I am afraid of Moon Geun-yeong's killer heels" and more.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun-yeong and Moon Chae-won met as award giver and receiver, but their friendship started back on the SBS drama "Painter of the Wind" in 2010.

The two played the roles of Sin Yoon-bok and gisaeng Joeong Hyang and developed from rookie Moon Chae-won and senior Moon Geun-yeong to award giver and receiver in a year.

Source: Nate + hancinema