[Photo] Kahi and Sung Jong take a selca together

After School's Kahi and INFINITE member Sung Jong revealed a selca together, showing off their friendship.

On January 24th, Kahi updated her Twitter with the message, "Received a gold medal because of or fans and infinite fans cheering for us right?^^ thank you~~!! Little Sungjong~ thank you~ keke", and attached the photo above.

In the photo, the two idols create a warm atmosphere as they flaunt their bright faces together. Sung Jong can be seen posing 'V-sign' while giving off an innocent smile, while Kahi boasts her medal, looking adorable on her bright eye smiles.

Meanwhile, After School and INFINITE alongside many idols will be participating for the MBC‘s Korean New Year special feature "Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships" which will be broadcasted on February 5 and 6.