[Photo] Hyeri seeks for revenge, Minah caught off-guard

Girl's Day maknae, Hyeri, sought for revenge and shared a photo of fellow member Minah.

On January 16th, Hyeri uploaded a photo of Minah via Twitter with the captions, "Gasp my picture was secretly taken without my knowledge… Here’s my revenge!!!! The title is~~ Sleeping Minah in the filming set kk".

Hyeri's revenge was about the previous post of Minah. Earlier of the 16th, Minah uploaded a photo (shown below) showing members Sojin and Hyeri sleeping at the dressing room and looking dead exhausted.

Minah said, "Having a photo time early in the morning~~~ Yeah~~ My face looks puffy!! kkk Sojin unnie looks dead exhausted. (shocked) Unnie thank you so much for your hard work on helping me with directing for the recording!! Ah I forgot to add this photo ;;; In the meantime, someone else died. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

Source: girlsdaydaily