[Photo] B2ST Doojoon & Junhyung's childhood photos surface

Following the past photos of Lee Kikwang, more childhood photos of B2ST members have surfaced including Yoon Doojoon and Yong Junhyung's.

On January 25th, a set of photos of B2ST members was posted on an online community board and caught the interest of netizens. Fans could hardly recognize the boys as they displayed the appearance of average looking children, with chubby cheeks and eyeglasses, in contrast to the charismatic members today.

Netizens commented, "They look like completely different people", "Look at their chubby cheeks" and "These are the best childhood photos ever".

Meanwhile, B2ST has just released their new single, "I Knew It", and immediately topped various online music charts achieving an all-kill.