[NEWS]BEAST, going strong in ballad?

Popular group BEAST shows an exceptionally strong aspects in ballads.

BEAST has recently released a new song, 'I Knew It', and on the 29th, still topping major music charts like Melon, MNet, Bugs, Olleh Music from 2~3, having a close fight with MBC's 'The Moon Embracing The Sun' OST, 'Back in Time'.

On the previous 26th, as soon as it hit public and music sites, it sweeps to 1st place, and despite that is does not have a broadcast activity to go with, it still is topping the chart and going strong. It is obvious that this is due to the powerful fandom this idol group has that made it reached No.1 as soon as it is released. But after three days taking over the ranks, the public seems to disprove BEAST's ballad.

Last year, BEAST's best hit song was not the dance tittle song 'Fiction' but it was 'On Rainy Days'. The song was anticipated so much that when it was first broadcasted in KBS's 'Music Bank', it reaches to rank first. Moreover, 'On Rainy Days' scored more in the score records.

BEAST's performance is lead by lead vocal Yang Yoseob who has an exceptional singing skills and this phenomenon is accepted undeniably.

An official source of BEAST said "In ballads, Yoon Doojoon has a unique color to his voice thus with such vocal, BEAST seem to create their own unique color of ballad. Also, the stories in Yong Junhyung's raps received good reactions. It's not traditional ballads, and it seems like only BEAST can seem to fit the ballad's color".

'I Knew It' will be specially performed during BEAST's world tour.