[News] Yuri voted most suitable for the ‘see-through look’ among girl group members

Girls' Generation's member Yuri was selected as the girl group member who carries off the best ‘see-through look’ among all girl groups in a survey, which was carried out from December 27th until January 18th.

300 women were surveyed on the topic of ‘Which girl group member best suits the see-through look?’ and in first place came Girls’ Generation’s Yuri with 127 votes.

Not far behind was Wonder Girls’ So Hee in second place with 101 votes and in third place was Miss A’s Suzy with 68 votes.

One of the women who participated in this survey was the Chief of Lisen Plastic Surgery Clinic and she commented, “I chose Yuri because she has a cute and bright face and also a beautiful body line that suits the see-through look very well.”

The see-through look can accentuate the bust line as well as the body line and also portray a more pure and sexy image. Using material that slightly shows what’s beneath, whether it is a blouse or dress, is a feminine fashion that allows the body to be expressed beautifully.

A representative from the fashion industry commented, ”Celebrities choose to wear the see-through look because it allows them to show a sexier side of them without having to show too much. When in the spotlight this type of style would be the most appropriate when wanting to show off a curvy chest line and a slender body line.”

Credit: reviewstar.net
Translated by: geeyoung123@fanwonder.com