[News] Yoon Sang to IU, "You're a loyal fellow"

Singer IU appeared on a recent recording of MBC 'Star Audition - The Great Birth 2' and visited the Mentor School of Yoon Sang, her mentor and close friend, to offer her support.

Yoon Sang expressed his delight and told IU, "You're a loyal fellow". IU's arrival also loosened up the tension that pervaded the practice room, with the final evaluation coming up.

IU also said, "I was curious about Yoon Sang's mentees, so I decided to come down and visit the practice venue."

Just before that, the mentees were doing their best to use their 'supernatural powers' to memorise the lyrics that they kept stumbling over. IU marveled in appreciation at the mentees who showed her the song they would be singing and told them, "It's been such a pleasure for my ears today."

This episode involving IU and Yoon Sang's mentees will be broadcasted on Jan 6th at 9:55 PM KST.

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu.com
Source: Mydaily