[News] Yoon Ilsang to B1A4's Baro, "Come over to our company"

Composer Yoon Ilsang, famous for his unique sharp and frank tongue has made a lovecall to male group B1A4 member's Baro.

Famous for not appearing on variety shows, composer Yoon Ilsang went to the filming scene of Y-STAR 'God of Cookery' where Baro is a guest MC. He attended the variety show filming after receiving an invitation from Jung Junha whom he has known for a very long time.

Hyunyoung said that (Yoon Ilsang) "seems like he's going to release an album soon", revealing his darker purposes. "Yoon Ilsang will appraise us (the MCs) and whoever passes will be asked to help in the album production", offering them a proposition and turning the filming site of 'God of Cookery' into a fierce audition site.

But Yoon Ilsang chose B1A4's Baro. Winning high praise from Yoon Ilsang, "I like Baro's tone. Even though he's carrying out activites as a rapper, given some practice he'll do well at singing"

Baro replied that "it's a compliment that I don't even hear from my own members", and being deeply moved, he suggested for Baro "to come over to our company", showing his greed to scout the talent.

You can catch Yoon Ilsang's variety activites at midnight on Saturday via Y-STAR.

Source: Hankooki News
Translation: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com