[NEWS] YG Family Concert Wows Japan

YG Entertainment’s 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert jumped outside of Korea to score a huge success in Japan.

YG Entertainment artists Jinusean, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Tablo and Psy performed in Osaka, Japan from January 7-8 to shake up the 80,000 fans who gathered in the Kyocera Dome.
As soon as 2NE1 announced the start of the concert with its debut single Fire, the dome fired up into a giant club, and when Big Bang followed, the crowd greeted them with wild cheers.

Se7en, who will be releasing a mini album in Japan on January 18, presented his Japanese fans a few performances to remember by singing his singles Somebody Else and Better Together in Japanese.

Psy and Tablo, who recently joined YG family, showcased their unique performances, and Psy especially provided a big shock when he parodied female singers as ‘Lady Psypsy’ and ‘Psyonce’ (that′s Lady Gaga and Beyonce for those of you who can′t imagine Psy breaking it down like that).

Gummy impressed with her explosive vocals and fluent Japanese, while the ‘big brothers’ Jinusean led the concert with their performances of Phone Number and A-Yo.

The concert didn’t let the eyes of its audience stray from the stage for one moment by sprinkling in new combinations of YG singers, such as having Se7en and Big Bang’s Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri sing 2NE1’s Lonely together, or bringing in Gummy, Taeyang and Park Bom to perform with Tablo onstage.

The 41 songs performed were enough to entertain the audience for the three and a half hours the concert lasted.

The concert was all the more meaningful as it was YG’s first overseas concert in five years since the 10th Anniversary YG Family Concert in 2006. As such, more than 100 media outlets rushed to cover the event at the press conference held before the concert.

The YG Family Concert will continue through Japan with another set of performances in Saitama from January 21-22.

Source: enewsworld
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment via enewsworld
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