[news] YG Family 15th Anniversary concert garners 200,000 fans in Korea and Japan

YG Entertainment's "YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert" has now ended and concluded their successful concerts both in Korea and Japan.

The last concert was on the 22nd of January in Saitama Super Arena in Japan where YG Entertainment's Jinusean, Big Bang, 2ne1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy and Tablo performed a spectacular concert. The concert showed 7 different artists with 7 different colors. each artist showed their unique charms and strong personality on stage.

For the last show, over 40,000 fans flooded the Saitama Super Arena to witness the very rare occasion of having all seven artists from YG Entertainment perform on the same stage. YG entertainment of course did not disappoint. For the concert, they had a moving stage,special equipment's and a large screen to accommodate all viewers in the venue.

Fans were not disappointed as well, they confessed that the stage was all in all very good. The artist's strong personality and stage presence can be felt throughout the venue, and the performances were strong and the energy was high. Fans were also hoping that this year, YG artist's will be more active in Japan and they are anticipating more from the YG artist's.

All in All, the concert has garnered more than 200,000 fans from their concert held in Korea and Japan. However those 200,000 were not only fans from Korea and Japan but fans all over the world traveled to Korea and Japan to witness the concert. Now that the concert has ended, the YG artists's will be heading home on the 23rd of January and prepare for their respective activities.