[NEWS] X-5 Ghun, "PR model for Kookmin University" creates late 'Hot Topics'

The truth about X-5's leader Ghun, who got admitted to University in 2009, becoming a PR model was known later than expected.

On the 13th, an online community uploaded picture spreads of where X-5's leader Ghun appeared as a university student on the cover of the book, where his height and good looks were showcased.

X-5's representative said "It seems like the pictures of Ghun before debut as the university's PR model has come out. Seems like his current appearance and that of in the past does not have a big difference." and "X-5's popularity has been much higher ever since the recent single was released."

The netizens also commented, "fresh" "Turns out in my time too, real handsome man.. " "Seems like (he's) really popular" "Really handsome..." "I'll be going to university diligently if I have a senior like him.." etc, on the photo, showcasing their responses.

On another note, X-5 has been completing their comeback promotions for their new song 'Dangerous'.

Source: TV Report
Translator: mlsZINx @ X-Five Star
Reupload: mlsZINx @ X-Five Star