[News] Wonder Girls become teachers

Despite of their busy schedule on promoting their new U.S. single, "The DJ is Mine" and the upcoming movie "The Wonder Girls", the Wonder Girls found time to offers support to multicultural families in Seoul.

On January 14th, Wonder Girls visited "Love for the World", an institution that supports multicultiral families, and became teachers for a day for 30 children. With the help of social portal website "Happy Bean" and "Woori Investment & Securities", Wonder Girls taught the children Korean onomatopoeic words that would make learning Korean more interesting.

Yubin stated, "Children are our future and our hope. No matter where they’re from, and what color their skin is, isn’t what matters. I believe it’s important to live together."

The Wonder Girls chose to teach about Korean subject because because they themselves had learned the importance of Korean while traveling across the world. Lim explained that Korean is a warm language and it contains the affection that connects people, and Sohee added that while Korean may be a new language, she hopes that the children live on with the same connected feelings.

Source: enews