[News] Wonder Girls are not afraid of being overshadowed!

Wonder Girls will be taking part in TTV's 'Red White Superstar Concert' for the first time. The 5 members will be on the same stage as their fellow label mates Miss A, and they are not afraid of being overshadowed.

TTV's 'Red White Superstar Concert' is into it's 3rd year and the cast had been getting bigger each year. Besides having the top Mando-pop stars on stage for the Red&White;team showdown, TTV also invited top Korean groups to participate in the show.

Among them are the Wonder Girls who shot to fame with their song 'Nobody'. They arrived in Taiwan in the afternoon and met with the Taiwanese media in the evening. Wonder Girls appeared joyful in returning to Taiwan after 1.5 yrs. They introduced themselves in Mandarin and gave their wishes for Taiwanese fans. Lim was especially sincere with her long message which drew good reactions from everyone "wishing everyone a fulfilling 2012, full of blessings and good health".

The CEO of TTV gave each member a stamp with their names carved on it. Yubin represented Wonder Girls in presenting the Wonder World album to TTV. She also revealed that their movie will be out in February with the storyline revolving around interesting happenings of their life in America.

Sunye revealed that there is a fighting scene in the movie and while filming that scene, Lim ended up crying (not part of the script) because she was too focus in her acting. The media started to speculate that it might be due to the stress of promoting in the States but Lim was quick to clarify that it was because she was too engrossed in her acting and not because of the stress. She also added that the members helped out and encouraged each other alot.

Yeeun mentioned that after hearing that they will be part of the 'Red White Superstar Concert' lineup, they were determined to take part and to create beautiful memories of the time spent here with ZE:A and Miss A. As to whether they were able to reveal the special stage collaboration with Miss A, Sunye said it is the first time they are having a stage together and just this alone was something to be happy about.

With regards to Wonder Girls' future plans, Yeeun said that they will be releasing their 2nd album 'Wonder World' in the States and followed by a world tour. Yeeun also added that the Taiwanese fans are very warm and if an opportunity arises, they would like to have a concert in Taiwan.

As to the many rookie groups that have sprung up these days, Sohee said that it is actually a happy thing to be able to take part in events with those rookie girl groups. As there are 2 members in Miss A who could speak fluent Mandarin, and more likely to interact better with the audience, are the Wonder Girls worried about being overshadowed? Sohee expressed truthfully "We are human beings too so there might be some sadness, but to be able to perform on the same stage is also a happy thing"

Their new album comprises of 1 Chinese song, which Sohee later explained that the song has a English and Korean version as well. As to whether Wonder Girls will be performing their song in Mandarin live, Sohee humbly replied "We will put it on hold first till we have successfully master our Mandarin pronunciation"

Source: 中央社
Link: yahoo news taiwan

Translated by: sunyebaidu