[News] Water temperatures rise with Daniel revealing his upper body at the Idol Athletics Swimming Competition!

Daniel of group Dalmatian showed off his perfectly toned body in swimming.

On the afternoon of the 24th, Kim Jaedong, Oh Sangjin, Boom, and Leeteuk took on the roles of being MCs for the MBC “Idol Athletics Competition – Swimming Competition” (IAC for short) as well-known idols took part in having a competitive battle in only having eyes for the winning trophy.

“IAC” is comprised of various male and female idol artists and has various events in athletics, combining the two together in creating a variety program ranking charts for high viewer ratings as it snagged a spot as the figurehead MBC holiday program.

In the swimming competition of IAC, the male idols’ unraveled a competitive battle as Daniel, who advanced from the 3 divisions, showed off his upper half of his body.

With his built abs and arm muscles, he surely caught the eye of female fans and Daniel advanced to the next round in having set the fastest record amongst all the divisions and garnering the attention of the many present.

Meanwhile, on this day, groups BEAST, 4minute, After School, Miss A, Sistar, T-Ara, Infinite, ZE:A, Baek Chungkang, Secret, DalShabet, B1A4, MBLAQ, Koyote, Apink, Rainbow, Jang Dongmin, Yoo Sangmu, Davichi, G.NA, B.E.G., and others were present as they competed one another for victory.