[NEWS] Two Articles About Dubu's Adoption - Infinite

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Infinite's Tears at Dubu's Uncertain Adoption on 'Birth of a Family'

Infinite showed tears when they heard the news that Dubu has not yet been adopted and has to go back through the adoption application process.

On the episode of 'Birth of a Family' that aired on the 28th, Infinite went to many radio programs to promote Dubu's adoption.

On this show, Infinite secured Koko's adoptive family. However, the situation became difficult as they continued searching for a proper family for Dubu. Sungyeol said, "As long as you are good to Dubu, it's ok," and began to tear up.

Infinite personally sent in stories of Dubu to promote his adoption to many different radio shows. They sent stories to the radio shows of Boom and Yoonha, who are close to Sungjong, and Yoonha read the story while Infinite listened to the broadcast.

After that, Infinite personally went to Yoonha's radio show to promote Dubu's adoption.

Also, when they went to the radio station, they ran into Eight's Joohee. Joohee saw Dubu and said, "I've been thinking of adopting a dog. I think it's fate that we met like this," and showed a promising future for Dubu's adoption.

Infinite Sheds Tears at the Thought of the Impending Farewell with DuNuKo on 'Birth of a Family'

Infinite showed tears as they came to terms with the impending farewell with their dogs Dubu, Nurungie and Koko.

On the episode of 'Birth of a Family' from the 28th, Infinite spent their last time with DuNoKo who are being adopted.

That day, Infinite received the news of Dubu and Nurungie's adoption progress. Infinite showed tears and couldn't conceal their concern when they learned that Dubu had not yet been adopted and may have to go back to the shelter.

Infinite, who had already thought of Dubu as family, said, "We've raised Dubu as our own child, and the thought of sending him back to the shelter is really upsetting," "My heart hurts because Dubu is the only one who has not been adopted. My heart is heavy thinking of having to lock him back up in the shelter."

Dubu's adoption is difficult because of the conditions required to adopt a Jindo dog. Infinite said, "It's a natural story, but it's hard to hear. At first, we thought (the adoption requirements) might be too particular, but we want to send Dubu to a good environment," and carefully checked over the adoption form.

But it hasn't been easy to find someone to adopt Dubu. As Sungyeol left a message asking people to adopt Dubu, he began tearing up and said "I think I'm going to cry."

Infinite has started promoting Dubu's adoption. Infinite has started an announcing Dubu project, and sent out messages and pictures asking for infinite retweets from fans.

Also, they asked Yoonha to promote Dubu on her radio show 'Starry Night,' starting their operation.