[News] TVXQ possible reunion through AVEX?

Rumors about the reunification of TVXQ members are spreading like wildfire online.

On January 22nd, a Japanese media published an article with the title, "Can AVEX Be Saved? Possible TVXQ Reunification Project".

AVEX Entertainment, one of Japan's leading entertainment production, has been suffering lately due to bad press about the famous solo singer Hamasaki Ayumi’s divorce. According the news, "The news of Hamasaki Ayumi’s divorce has greatly affected AVEX, which belted by TVXQ's reunion project."

In addition, the album sales of the group EXILE, which was an ace of AVEX Entertainment, has been declining and is said to be below expectations.

According to the article, "Considering JYJ’s Jaejoong having been the most iconic star, the reunion of TVXQ will be a savior on reviving AVEX Entertainment.

The article also cited that Hamashaki Ayumi and JYJ Junsu are close friends and have been working on helping both sides to coordinate for the reunion.

However, the article claimed that there is a small possibility for such unlikely project and stated, "Although there are thousands and millions fans who look forward for TVXQ reunion, the reality is that the project has little possibility of coming true. Thus, AVEX, which seemed to be in a tight spot, indicates its desperation."