[NEWS] TEEN TOP's pronounciation criticism: "When they first received the song, they were shocked too"

The member, LJOE, who rapped the part involved in Teen Top’s pronunciation criticisms, is exceptionally mindful.

In the phone conversation with Teen Top’s management company, TOP Media mentioned that ‘Every time LJOE raps the part, which became criticized for its pronunciation in ‘Crazy’, it is done carefully.’ and ‘If you listen well to it, LJOE is exceptionally careful.’

In Teen Top’s new song ‘Crazy’, ‘still like heck’ came out in the lyrics. After the song got released, opinions, on the rap part that is to be done quickly: like heck which sounded just like a curse word, rose.

To this sort of pronunciation criticisms, Teen Top’s management company and LJOE, himself, once again specially paid more attention rapping and making clear of the part. Also the producer of this song, Brave Brothers directly turned up to clarify the issue saying ‘It was not intentional’.

TOP Media added, ‘When they first received the song, Teen Top members too felt like they had mistook it as a curse word’ and ‘are more mindful about it’

Eng Trans: oursupaluv
Source: Newsen