[NEWS] TEEN TOP’s 2nd teaser for “Crazy” revealed, “a total change in charms” from L.Joe’s tears to the perfectly synced dance

The teaser for TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini album title track “Crazy” has been revealed.
On 3rd January, through TOPmedia’s TEEN TOP official youtube channel, we saw the 180 degrees change from the first teaser where L.Joe showed his tears of desperation, thus the completely different 2nd teaser has attracted much attention.
Before this, TEEN TOP’s first teaser which showcased emotional acting, reigned on Youtube weekly popularity charts and is one of the most commented videos. This time round, TEEN TOP’s made their statement with their synced dance moves and splendid choreography, an unexpected display of charms, which heightened the anticipation.
In particular “Like I’m going crazy Bump Bump turn up the volume of my heart”, “We are TEEN TOP” with such impactful lyrics, it is indeed different as to the epicene and liveliness that was presented in “No More Perfume On You” , “Back of our hands brushes against”, hence there is great curiosity as to the concept of the 2nd mini album.
The netizens who watched the video showed a variety of response, “Really shows TEEN TOP’s unlimited potential”, “We’re waiting for your comeback stage~!” “You guys look good in no matter what you wear”
On the other hand, TEEN TOP will make their comeback with the release of their 2nd mini album on 5th January.
Translations by: oursupaluv