[News] Teen Top wants to change into matured men with their 2:8 parting!

Idol group Teen Top’s 2:8 hair parting gained much interest amongst fans.
Teen Top who released their recent 2nd mini album ‘Crazy’ showed their already existing masculine beauty and a slightly different image was released in the photo shoot. 
In the photo shoot, Teen Top’s masculine beauty overflowed with charisma through this photo shoot  compared to the free spirited and a different sort of chic image shown on stage.
In the photo shoot before, Teen Top showed their captivating looks and poses with a quiet alley backdrop. The tender appearance of LJOE, superior and boastful Niel and Changjo’s charisma all turned out better than expected. 
Especially with Ricky and Chunji’s 2:8 parting hair combed back and emphasis of their sharp face line, associates them with young noblemen in naive-like comics.  
For Teen Top’s complete change in charisma, you can check out the February issue of fashion magazine Ceci. 
In addition Teen Top released a title song ‘Crazy’ and have been receiving much attention with their well-synchronized choreography and are still promoting. 

Eng Trans: oursupaluv 
Source: Sports Dongah