[NEWS] TEEN TOP L.Joe, personally clarifies about the cuss words in the lyrics “I’ll take note while pronouncing”

TEEN TOP members have personally stepped out to clarify about the cuss word controversy arising from the title track “Crazy” of their 2nd Mini album which had become a hot topic.

Today on the 10th, through me2day and twitter, they clarified wittily and it has been garnering attention.

L.Joe who was in charge of the rap in the title track “Crazy” which was the root of the controversy, left a clarification filled with aegyo. “I think there were many people who got a shock~ while listening to my rap But don’t worry it’s not a cuss word!! I’ll pay attention to pronounce my rap accurately. If you’re feeling unhappy or annoyed, please don’t only cheer faster for that part during ‘Crazy’”

Following which Changjo added wittily “I‘ll be watching over LJOE who is rapping with our fans!! Right then in recent event, as you listen to Teen Top’s ‘Crazy’, shall we try to accurately pronounce it? ke LIKE!! heck!!”

Netizens who saw these gave a variety of response “Because of the cuss word controversy I listened to the song and it seems like that part is very addictive” “Really cute of L.Joe and Changjo to leave such words for fans who are worried”, “I don’t know why but I think there’re going to many parodies of this part”

On the other hand, since the release of the songs and their comeback stage on the 5th, TEEN TOP’s perfectly synced dance and stable live performances have become a hot topic; and they are continuing with their exciting activities.

Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr
Source : The Star Chosun