[NEWS] T-ara's near sold-out USA concert postponed.. Why?

Core Contents Media artists T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa's first joint family concert together in the USA was postponed due to unavoidable reasons.

T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa were originally performing in San Fransisco, USA on the 13th (local time) for their first family concert.

The concert, which was the request of local fans, was practically sold out with over 8,000 tickets sold. There was a lot of high expectations and they were supposed to leave Korea via plane today (12th).

According to their agency, Core Contents Media, the are unable to have their concert performance in the USA because they could not receive the visas in time which was needed also by the concert venue and thus created a sticky situation. The agencies revealed that T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa will get their visas in time and promise to have a concert at a later date. For now, Core Contents Media expressed they and their artists are upset about the April postponement.

Core Contents Media wanted to express it's not the fault of T-ara, Davichi or Yangpa and they are deeply sorry towards the local fans since there was high interest in this USA concert.

A representative said to Star News on the 13th, "T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa went through a lot of preparations to put on a great concert but because of visa issues, the concert was unavoidably postponed until April. We really hope that T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa fans can be patient until then. In April, USA fans can expect to see an even better performance."

T-ara is currently promoting their new song "Lovey-Dovey" which has been number one on the charts since it's release on January 2nd.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120112n08072
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem