[NEWS] T-ara, "We'll put on an even better performance in the USA!"

Girl group T-ara suddenly had to postpone their first family concert which would be overseas in the USA and expressed their regret. Because the show in the USA would be larger, T-ara had a longer practice and preparation period for the show so they could showcase their best performance.

T-ara's Soyeon said in an interview with Star News on the 14th, "We were really looking forward to being in a new place and having such a large stage. Because the venue and stage would be so large, we thought it was a really good opportunity and were really looking forward to it."

Soyeon continued by saying, "We're sad we had to unfortunately postpone it off, but I'm just grateful that we're lucky and have the opportunity again. It was a chance for us to show/spread Korean music and we properly prepared for it even though we were busy. Since we have more time to practice, please anticipate it a lot."

Core Contents Media's T-ara, Davichi and Yangpa were supposed to have their first family concert in San Fransisco, USA on the 13th (local time) at the Bill Graham Auditorium. They all planned to leave via plane for the USA on the 12th.

The concert had to be pushed back because the concert's planner/organizer in the USA could not receive visas for everyone in time so that T-ara, Davichi and Yangpa could go over and perform.

"Even though this has happened, it's not unusual," Boram commented, "It's always been a dream to stand as a singer in front of so many, but we had no choice because of the visa problems. We'll prepare even more for the USA performance, to make it even more enjoyable!"

Meanwhile, T-ara have had consecutive hits since August with "Roly-Poly", "Cry Cry", and "We Were In Love". T-ara's newest song "Lovey-Dovey" is also sweeping various music charts.

Source: http://m.media.daum....120114151309206
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem