[NEWS] T-ara Pretty Boys EP3 - Public Manager Selection

T-ara is due to select a pretty boy manager in the upcoming episode of T-ara Pretty Boys. T-ara will decide what skills a manager has to be equipped with, and the pretty boys will be tested on those skills during the selection process. Basic criteria includes driving ability, situation handling ability, capability in running errands, memory power, etc.

To ensure the quality of their manager, T-ara will hold one-on-one in-depth test with the pretty boys. It is rumored that T-ara's current personal manager is also invited as an examiner in the selection process.

In the meantime, the selected manager will be committed to T-ara's schedule, getting the opportunity to experience and do what the actual T-ara manager is doing now.

SBS E! "T-ara Pretty Boys" Manager Selection will air on January 7, Saturday Night, 11pm.

Source: Star Daily
Translated by *chloeownsyou@diadem*

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