[news] T-ara only sleeps 2 hours due to busy schedule?

T-ara members recently revealed how much they sleep in one day on a show in SBS. When asked how T-ara manages on their busy schedule with acting, singing and endorsements, the members said "We only get to sleep for 2 hours and 30 minutes since we are very busy" with their answer, the audience was shocked with how little they get to sleep everyday.

However, despite the lack of sleep, the member still has healthy skin and they were asked what their secret is on maintaining their flawless skin, they answered, "The Make up covers everything. We wear a lot of make up but we try our best to remove them when were resting" giving a joking and cheerful answer.

They know that having a busy schedule is part of being a girl group, though despite having only a short time to sleep, the members are still cheerful and does their best at all their schedules.

Source: nate news